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Free schools database

In 2014-15 we were working to assemble a comprehensive database of schools that practice learner-centred approach, declare values close to those we share.

We have started with lists available on Wikipedia, AERO website, EUDEC website, IDEN and other websites. This database became a foundation of our research and eventually led to LibertySoil.org development.

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Help more children reach better education

Loki Education is a Social Change Startup. We promote positive impact in schools, advocate child rights and interests and focus on making best learning practices from around the world visible, understood and widespread. Our goal is a non-exclusive social change for all children in all families and all schools worldwide. 

Loki Education is created by parents for other parents and children.

In many schools today children spend a significant part of their childhood processing obsolete knowledge that is not wanted, essential or relevant for people in the 21st century.

Only a small amount of time is dedicated towards learning essential life skills highly required in today’s rapidly changing world, such as: leadership, conflict resolution, critical thinking, public speaking, decision making, self-discipline, to name just a few.

We support and develop projects that aim to improve the current state of education for all children in all families and schools worldwide.

IDEC 2016 in Mikkeli, Finland

We'll travel to IDEC in June (6-9th) and hope to share our work progress, talk about our projects and hear what everyone was up to lately.

Drop us a line if you'd like to meet up on IDEC: info@lokieducation.org

IDEC 2016 website


(coming soon!)

Is a thought-provoking project that aims to communicate common situations that often occur in schools.

Comics tell short stories about issues that children face everyday and hopefully it will draw adult and children attention and will spark a conversation about potential solutions.


Education Change Network connecting people from different cultures, schools and families was designed to help parents resolve problems, advocate their child interests, find ways and practical advice that would help more children reach better education.

Join today to collect and promote ideas that work! You are welcome to become a part of our growing community and contribute to education change.

AERO 2016 in Portland (OR) USA

We were extremely impressed by AERO conference last year and really can't afford to miss it - great crowd, huge amount of valuable content, amazing perspectives.

See you August 3-7 in Portland, Oregon, USA

AERO 2016 website

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Literature database

We have been working on the database of books on democratic education, holistic, alternative approaches - and on building a list of available translations of main works (by A.S. Neill, John Holt etc.) to other languages.

Our story

In 2011 our family of three relocated to a small town in the English countryside from a big city.

We made this move due to the new school that we had found for our son. Until then we had been struggling for a year with the system that many schools have to follow. The curriculum on offer didn’t seem to reflect today’s realities: it felt as if the children were being made to work on producing the “perfect” data for school inspectors. Moreover the pressure that the school was putting on the children became oppressive, while the psychological climate changed and we witnessed a number of instances of bullying. In general the behaviour of the children at the school deteriorated.

We became concerned about the emotional wellbeing of our son and also other children. We talked to the teachers, the head teacher and other parents, and tried to introduce some changes in the school. However, a number of our proposals were ignored, while in other cases we were told - “There is nothing we can do. That’s the system”. So we left the school.

Now we realise that the quality of our life has changed for the better and are convinced that the move was one of the best decisions that we have ever made as a family. Everything seems to fall into place and we reap the benefits every day. We don’t know how to define happiness and success. However, the peace of mind that we experience seeing our child thriving definitely contributes to our overall wellbeing.

At his current school the real-life environment enables the children to develop holistically, and it is crystal clear that cognitive abilities are not more important than emotional, social and physical ones. Most importantly the activities underlying the learning process are up-to-date, as the school is open to new ways of thinking and seeing the world through the eyes of today’s generation. Here at the weekly school meeting children themselves take decisions about their lives and learning. It’s not about conditioning: these are decisions about real life choices, the consequences of mistakes that help children learn and grow into successful and emotionally stable human beings.

Recently we decided that we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with other parents. We want to show the diversity in education today to help parents make an informed decision about the education of their children. Despite the differences, we all have one thing in common - we all want our children to grow up content and healthy individuals.

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